Religion is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental.

It impacts our thought process and it is important that you follow a religion that you preach and practice. Some international artists changed their religions in some point of their life and we have compiled such a list.

George Harrison:

George was the lead guitarist of ‘Beatles’. He visited India to learn Sitar from Pandit Ravi Shankar in 1966. He fell in love with Hinduism and converted his religion to become a devotee of Krishna. He was a Hindu till his last day.

Sharmila Tagore:

When she married Indian cricketer, Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, she decided to convert from Hinduism to Islam. Her name was also changed from Sharmila Tagore’ to ‘Ayesha Begum’.


Born as a Christian, Madonna took a Jewish name ‘Esther’ after converting to the ‘new age’ version of ‘Kabbalah’. It is derived from Jewish mystical teaching. The pop star is said to observe Shabbat (Jewish day of rest) and listen to Torah (Jewish written law) every Saturday.

Michael Jackson:

Pop sensation Michael was inspired by his brother Jeremy to convert to Islam just a few years before his death. It is also rumored that he changed his name to Mikael.


Famous Bollywood actress Nargis converted to Hinduism after marrying Sunil Dutt despite being born in a Muslim family. She even changed her name to Nirmala Dutt. But she was known by her previous name in the industry.

Snoop Dogg:

Calvin Broadus (Snoop’s real name) announced in 2009 that he follows a separatist group called ‘Nation Of Islam’ a group that was formed in the 1930s after converting to Islam. This group helps to promote conditions of black Americans.

AR Rahman:

Born to a Hindu father and a Muslim mother who after marriage was a practicing Hindu woman, he was previously known as AS Dileep Kumar. However after the death of his father, he embraced Sufism in 1987 and changed his name to Allah-Rakha Rahman.

Julia Roberts:

While playing the character of a woman who is on a soul-searching mission in India in the movie ‘Eat, Pray Love’, Julia got deeply influenced and converted to Hinduism in 2010.

Tom Cruise:

Tom was born as a Christian. But he converted to the Church of Science and has been a proud follower for more than 30 years. It holds a very unorthodox dictum.

Mike Tyson:

While he was in prison on charges of rape, Mike converted into a Muslim. His conversion came into public domain when he posted his picture in the Umra pilgrimage in Mecca in 2010, in front of the Holy Kaaba.

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