20 Ways You Can Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

Love is arguably the strongest feeling a person can feel, but everyone has a different way of communicating those feelings. It often happens that we are so desperate to hear those three words from someone that we completely ignore the signs. People can share their love with each other with a lot of different ways without saying ‘I Love You.’ Here are 20 wordless ways people express their love, so watch out for them or try to use them yourself.

1. Moving your shoulders!

Your shoulders are one of the most expressive parts of your body. They’re pretty good at expressing your feelings and can convey the message of love with a simple shrug.

This is because shoulders have a nice round shape and very smooth skin. They also have a number of ways in which they move, including shrugging, rolling and lifting. The science behind it is that the shoulders are parts of the body that are reliant on visceral nerves. These nerves sense emotions. It is also true that rolling your shoulders is a sign of affection.

So, the next time you want to tell whether someone might be feeling funny about you, notice the movement of their shoulders!

2. “Isopraxism”

Have you ever noticed someone mirroring your actions? For example, when you’re on a date with someone and peacefully sipping away on your coffee, they try and copy your behavior? Anthropologists have given the name “Isopraxism” to this behavior. It basically means ‘same behavior’ in Greek.

When in love, people tend to do this unconsciously. This attribute displays no hostility and promotes the formation of a strong bond. The more you are similar to each other, the more attracted you’ll be. Copying one another’s actions is a surefire way of telling someone you love them without actually saying it.

3. Reducing distance.

If someone loves you, they will try their utmost to reduce the physical distance between the two of you and stay as close as can be.

This is a prominent way in which our bodies speak the language of love. When in love, the urge to be close to your loved one is too overpowering. It doesn’t go away until you are close to them. We always want to be closer to the person we love. If someone is keeping minimal distance between you and themselves, then it is quite an obvious sign that they are trying to convey something.

4. Head movements!

When in love with someone, your head will move in some ways that are known to convey a flirtatious message.

For instance, while conversing, does your or your friend’s head tilt and move from side to side? This displays non hostility and conveys submissiveness towards your loved one. Again, the muscles that are used to control the head’s movement are linked with visceral nerves, which are known to be sensitive to emotions. These small things go a long way to tell someone you love them.

5. Fingertip touches.

Touching someone can usually mean that you are attracted to someone or vice versa.

Small, short, fingertip touches, however, indicate signs of love and attraction without any doubts. Our brain receives touch faster than words. This means that the touch doesn’t have to be long or thorough. A small little fingertip caress comes across as a warming and reassuring message. These things are felt greatly when in love.

6. The tone of their voice!

When your crush is in close proximity to you, things in your body tend to change up a bit.

For instance, you’ll find your heart beating faster than usual, wanting to just pounce out of your chest and do a little dance. Your eyelids will start batting at the speed of light and your movements will be under scrutiny from yourself. Another thing that changes is the tone of your voice. Your voice becomes warmer and softer and tries to convey the message of love no matter how much you try to suppress it. it becomes high pitched and gives away your feelings.

7. Batting your eye-lids!

Batting eye-lids isn’t normal. We tend to blink around 20 times a minute. Not in the presence of our loved one, though.

Here, we blink faster due to excitement. Batting your eyelids shows that you are under emotional stress since you are attracted to someone. Our arousal gives rise to a production of dopamine and that releases it in our midbrain, specifically to a part linked to our eyes.

However, this act can also be associated to other emotions, such as dishonesty. Beware!

8. Heartfelt Smile

A sincere smile from someone you love can melt your heart away and make you forget all the worries in your life in an instant. Many people may smile at you when you meet them, but most of them are just fake smiles used for greeting and meeting with each other. That smile from your partner though, connects straight to your heart. You just know that this person is an essential part of my life and I can’t afford to live without them. Give a heartfelt smile to your partner when you see them, you never know how happy he may be to see you smile.

9. Always finding time!

Somehow, the people who secretly love you will always have time for you.

In fact, they’ll make time for you. They’ll make opportunities to spend the shortest amount of time with you, no matter what. They’ll be ready to postpone anything (unless it’s something really important like a job interview, etc.) and spend their time with you. It just means they love your company and having you around is happiness to them. You will surely notice this!

10. Always available!

When someone is always available for you, no matter what, it means something is going on.

You’ll see them present for you when you need help with something and they’ll go out of their ways to make sure you are content. They’d do anything and everything just to see that smile on your face and would love to see you stress free.

11. Spend time together

When someone is in love, they just can’t pass a moment without thinking of each other. They are dying to spend as much time with each other as they can. Even through a busy schedule, they constantly try their best to free some time so they can be together. This may seem normal, but this is the feeling of love that is compelling them to come towards each other. So remember if they are trying to make time for you, it is because you matter and you should also take out as much time for them as possible.

12. Text regularly

You should notice how regularly your loved ones text you; you will be surprised. In this modern world almost everyone has a hectic routine but thanks to technology you can still keep in touch without seeing each other. If you get simple texts like “What are you doing?” or “Missing you,” you are a really lucky person. These small gestures may seem unimportant, but they mean a lot. You should also reply them as quickly as you can and text them first whenever you get the opportunity.

13. Fiddling with thing

Ever wondered why people start fiddling with stuff when their loved ones are around? While talking, they are either rolling their hair, flipping their phone or rubbing their hands. This strange nervousness rises when you are in love. They may be fidgeting with these things involuntarily and may not be aware of why they’re doing it. Even you might be doing it in front of your partner without noticing it yourself.

14. Continual Eye contact

There is a traditional proverb, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Many people have fallen in love by just an eye contact with each other. Normally people would just avoid eye contact with each other or simply move their eyes in a few seconds as it feels awkward, but when someone is in love they tend to keeping gazing at each other for a long time without really noticing it. A continual eye contact shows that the two really like each other and there is some strong bond that makes it completely comfortable to lock eyes on one another.

15. Discuss problems

It is a fact that people are not comfortable to discuss their issues with others as they have trust issues or may feel embarrassed sharing it with them. People only tend to share their problems with someone they completely trust. So if your partner willingly discusses their issues with you without hesitating then you should really be proud of them for opening up to you. It shows how much they trust you with their problems and you should discuss your problems with them too.

16. Blushing

Ever heard that your partner turned red like a tomato when someone mentioned your name in front of them? Blushing shows shyness and a secret little embarrassment, like you are hiding your feelings towards someone. In this case that blushing may be for you. Next time your partner blushes remember that it is their cute shy way of showing love without saying it openly.

17. Appreciate each other

We are all aware of how tough life can be with all the work and stuff. Sometimes all we want is to hear someone appreciating us for all the work we do. Appreciation can set all the moods right so appreciate your partner as much as you can to show your love and hopefully you will equally get the appreciation that you deserve. Complement each other on your looks, the food they cooked. Tell her that you look gorgeous today, tell him that you are very lucky to have him. This will not only show your love but also make their day much better.

18. Surprise gifts

Gifts are the easiest and most effective way of sharing and spreading love; couples surprise their partners with gifts all the time. You can buy them gifts when they’re sad to cheer them up or even when you are having a celebration of some sort. But it is not fair that you judge their love for you based on how expensive their gift is. From a small earring to a luxury car, you should value their passion rather than the price of the gifts. Similarly, don’t be embarrassed at buying them small gifts because it’s a gesture of love.

19. Supporting decisions

Supporting your partner’s choices is very important for a healthy productive relationship. If they are ever looking to try something new, encourage them rather than destroying their confidence. Whether it is about starting a new job to just decorating your home, be there for them. Even if you do not agree with their decision try to reason with them sensibly, and if they do not listen to you take one for the team and agree with them for once. They may remember this gesture and will support your decisions in the future.

20. Forgiving mistakes

No couple in the world is perfect, perhaps nothing in this world is. There are going to be mistakes made on both sides in a relationship but forgiving those mistakes is a seamless example of love. We all make mistakes, some are negligible but some are quit big, and we hope that somehow they are forgiven. Think about the same feelings when your loved ones make a mistake and try to forgive them if you love them. If you forgive each other’s mistakes, the bond between you will become even stronger. So if you’re reading this and you are mad at your partner, try forgiving them just because you love them and the day might come when they will too.

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