7 Reasons You Can Not Satisfy Her In Between the Sheets Anymore

Women are impossible to satisfy, some may believe and that’s why they do not even bother to go the extra mile. The truth is that women are humans too and can be easily satisfied when you make the right moves. Understanding women and their varying moods can be daunting and knowing exactly what they want is a challenging feat but nothing is impossible. Here a few ways you can keep your woman satisfied and happy:

7. Understand her

Take care of her emotionally if you want to take care of her sexually. Women love to talk. What they love even more is for someone to actually hear what they are saying and to understand where they are coming from. If you faze out as soon as she hits the second sentence, chances are you will end up annoying her. Women are extremely perceptive and know exactly when their words are falling on deaf ears. They are also persistent and won’t stop talking unless they get their point across. So put the phone or remote down, turn around to face her and really listen to what she has to say. Trust us, it will only do you great favors.

6. Foreplay is the key

When it comes to sex, women need a lot of preparation beforehand and it is completely up to the guy to get her in the mood. Foreplay begins even before the clothes come off. Guys tend to hurry it up as they believe it is warm up to the actual activity that’s going to happen. The exact opposite holds true for women. Foreplay is one of the most enjoyable bits of sex for women. Men reach orgasm pretty quickly as compared to women and foreplay helps them get there to same point as their partner. So do not rush it through.

5. Use your fingers, mouth and your words

Just like guys like hearing women moaning and sighing with pleasure, women also love to hear what guys have to say to them while being intimate. Tell her how sexy she is and all the things you want to and will do to her. It drives them insane with sexual desire. But don’t just rely on your words. Use your fingers to trace her body and tease her. Don’t go all out squeeze-y and grabby but build up to it slowly and gradually until she’s asking for it. Alternate using between your tongue and your mouth and watch her writhe in the wildest throes of passion.

4. Know about the female anatomy

Knowing what you are going to playing with will help you a great deal. Women are more sensitive than men and have erogenous parts all over their body as compared to men whose most sensitive sexual part is the penis. There are areas on a woman’s body where she is extremely sensitive and may very well reach an orgasm when stimulated in the right way. Ask your partner what she likes and ask her if what you are doing feels good. Alternate between licking, teasing with lips and fingers but whatever you do, don’t go overboard.

3. Oral stimulation

Oral sex is just as great for women as it is for men, if not more. But most of the men tend not to do it. Work on your technique and experiment with new frontiers, so to speak, if you really want to driver her wild with pleasure. Read up on the do’s and don’ts of oral sex for women and ask for her feedback when you give it a go.

2. Indulge in her fantasies

Ask her what she likes and what her fantasies are. Think outside the box and recreate and re-stimulate as you go along. Exploring her fantasies will drive her over the edge and you will the one reaping all the fruits.

1. Keep things fresh

Never let the sexual life hit a lull as happens sooner or later with every relationship. Make time and space for sex and don’t let it get predictable. Nothing is as much a joy-kill as routine sex. It should be fun and exciting. Try new positions which your partner is comfortable with. Go away for a weekend and have sex in a hotel room to spice things up. Try different times of the day to keep things interesting. Keep the spark lit.

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