7 Things That Prove Rajinikanth Is the Ultimate Thalaivaa

Time after time, Rajinikanth has proved his status as the King of Kollywood. His career is not merely restricted to Tamil movies, but he is also known for his 1980 debut in Hollywood’s bloodstone and many appearances on the screen of Bollywood.

Rajini’s Bengali roots might explain the special warmth he receives from his South Indian audience. Lovingly called Thalaivar (leader), his fans are often found worshipping his photos and building devotional statues out of sheer admiration. A former bus conductor, now ranked as the Best Asian Movie Star after Jackie Chan – Rajini Anna has managed to reside in our hearts over the decades. His iconic style and the ability to pull off the most absurd stunts are mainly responsible for alluring so many devotees. Yet, there’s still much more to Rajinikanth’s fame and success that makes him a true legend.


1. His Simplicity and Humility

Most of his time off-screen, Rajini is seen in the most ordinary outfit; dhoti and kurta. His humble roots remind him the value of things. He treasures his old possessions like clothes, old cars, and photographs. He also prefers to drive himself and never lets people wait on him. Rajini’s co-stars praise him for treating everyone on set as an equal, may it be an actor or a spot boy.

2. His Unique Roles and Characters

In many of his movies, he is seen resisting the law of gravity. Only Rajini can fight against a thousand other versions of himself or make an animated movie like Kochadaiiyaan, a complete hit. He is also famous for his never-aging moves and the fabulous dialogue, “Yanna Rascala, Mind it!”

3. His nobility and selflessness

When his movies didn’t do well at the box office, he repaid the distributors the loss that they incurred. All of his movies have some sort of social message. The recollections of his fans meeting him are very positive. Rajini interacts with them in the humblest of manners. During the Chennai Floods, he donated 10 crore rupees to aid the victims and encouraged his fans to celebrate his birthday by conducting relief work.

4. His life’s inspiring story

Rajini was only 5 when he lost his mother to chronic asthma. His father, a police constable, was always very bitter towards him. Rajini’s mischief resulted in getting himself beaten by the man on many occasions. At the age of 15, Rajini had left high school to get blue collar jobs. He worked as an office boy, a coolie and also a bus conductor. Rajini’s background was very poor but his carefree and optimistic attitude lead him into becoming one of the biggest superstars, globally. Rajini was known at the Bangalore Train Station for his stylish way of issuing tickets or carrying baggage. During an acting game at the Bus Depot, Rajini acted out the role of Dhuriyodhanan and impressed his co-workers. This encouraged him into joining a Film Institute in Chennai where later he would be offered a small but very important role in the movie; Aboorva Raagangal.

5. His Intellect and Regular Meditation

Rajini’s most cherished hobbies are reading about science, politics, spirituality and culture. Often, after finishing a movie, he goes to the settlements in the Himalayas. He stays there for a period of time, away from everyone that he knows. This is his way of finding inner peace.

“I go alone, without anybody, into the interiors, to the Himalayan villages. Being there itself is like meditation,” he says.

6. His Tremendous Fame

Rajini is the only actor that can tie against the fame of Amitabh Bachchan. Even after taking a long break from acting during the 70s, Rajini made comeback with ‘Billa’ – a remake of Don – and it was not a surprise that it instantly became a hit. The world never sleeps on Rajini’s work, it stays waiting. Rajini had already become a huge star in India, until the release of Muthu. However, his movie Thilana Thilana took his stardom across international borders. His moves drove the Japanese insane and created a huge fan-base there as well.

7. His jokes

Why does Rajinikanth wear a watch? Because he decides what time it is.

Rajini loves goofing off and that’s why his fans do too. Epic Rajini jokes are the epitome of every social gathering.

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