8 Differences Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

“Love loves to love love.”- James Joyce

Love is by far the most extraordinary feeling that a human can experience.

This ultimate emotion isn’t rocket science and you cannot learn what is it until you have experienced it.

Who knows, it might be the feeling that saves the humankind from almost all the bad in this world?

However, love doesn’t include just the affection you feel for your partner.

There are many forms of love: the one you feel for your children, the members of your family, your pet and so on.

Additionally, being in love and loving someone isn’t the same. People often confuse these terms which leads to pretty complicated and unwanted situations where the couple is left unhappy, or at least, not as content as they thought.

You might get surprised how rough the differences between two people can get.

Follow the list of these signs, courtesy of Aunty Acid, and determine whether you are in love with your partner or not.

1. Being in love isn’t a matter of choice

You can choose who you love but not who to be in love with. It simply isn’t a choice. You can’t just go around and select the person you will fall in love with. It comes naturally and effortlessly, with no warning signs.

But, when you decide who you love, you make decisions based on their physical appearance, personality, morals and so on. However, you don’t choose the person you are in love with: the feelings of being in love with someone are different, special, inexplicable and they stick with you, probably till forever.

2. Being in love means putting them first

You see, whenever you are in love with someone, you are not the most important person anymore: they are. You always want to make them happier and more content, even than yourself and their feelings come first.

You always make sacrifices and everything in your power to help them fulfill their wishes and reach the goals they set themselves in life. Love is about desiring the best for that special person.

3. Being in love can’t end

After the honeymoon for the married couples, or at some point in the relationship, things might get rough and if the partners aren’t in love, the relationship probably won’t last. Being in love is different and it has no expiration date.

4. Being in love means having a balance

Balance is the key to everything. Also, in this case. You want your significant one to be around you and next to you all the time. However, there is a point when you realize that giving them enough space to balance out the time spent together is really necessary.

At the end of the day, you know that they are coming home to you.

5. Being in love involves a lot of emotions

Undoubtedly, you can’t be and feel the same all the time. Being in love involves the whole package. When things get rough, love might not last and it can all go away if there is a problem in the relationship.

But whenever you’re in love with the person, it doesn’t really matter what happens, you are always there for them. For better or for worse.

6. Being in love is how you make them feel

You have probably heard people saying that they love the way their partner makes them feel, right? Being in love, however, involves you being more concerned about how you make your partner feel. Remeber? As we mentioned before, your significant one comes first.

7. Being in love is about partnership

If you love someone, you want the whole world to know that they are yours, but that is not a partnership. And, loves is not about ownership.

You are something special together and that should be the most important thing to both of you: you don’t need to show and prove anything to anyone.

8. Being in love is effortless

Definitely, being in love is effortless! It comes naturally, you don’t feel that you need to do something a certain way or by certain rules. Things shouldn’t be hard if you are in love with someone.

Don’t get us wrong, being in love with someone isn’t always milk and honey, but if the feelings are true, even after that difficult period, you would still feel the same about them.

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