Alleged Wedding Card Of Mukesh Ambani’s Son Goes Viral, And It Costs Rs 1.5 Lakh Only!

Update: Reliance has reached out to us clarifying that it is a rumour as no official information in this regard has been released.

Online rumours have it that there is another big fat Indian wedding in the making. And this time it’s about none other than Akash Ambani, the eldest of India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani.

The wedding card of Akash Ambani has also gone viral. Said to be one of the most expensive invitation cards in India costing Rs 1.5 lakh. Yeah, you must be thinking that one can buy an Iphone X with that money. Well, there are many things that one can buy with that amount of money. But this is about Ambanis, they will never do anything ordinary.


Photos and videos of the invitation card are being circulated on Twitter. Made of Gold, the card is carved in an extremely beautiful and delicate manner.

Have a look at the video which has gone viral:

Meanwhile, Reliance has sent the following clarification:

“A fake video illustrating an alleged wedding card of Mr Akash Ambani – Board Member, Reliance Jio, is being currently circulated on various social media and instant message platforms. We would like to clarify that this video is completely untrue and contains hoax content designed purely for sensationalism. We respect your credibility and would request you to refrain from using such unverified content on your platform.”

– Reliance Industries Ltd.  Source

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