List Of Countries With Fastest Internet Connection. India Has A Disappointing Rank.

In the last few years India has progressed a lot in terms of internet connectivity throughout the country. The government of India has stressed on internet banking and online transactions. However it has to be noted that even now the speed of internet in the country is not up to the world standard.

The internet is available in two primary formats which are broadband and mobile data. Ookla, the popular internet speed test provider conducted their survey for the month of November of Speedtest Global Index.

This company is reputed for conducting these comparative tests that give us a clear picture about the speed of internet in various countries.

They studied the internet speeds of different countries in terms of both broadband and mobile data.

However you would be very disappointed to know that our country ranks very low in this list. Out of 122 countries that were part of the test, India shockingly ranks at 109th place in terms of internet speed. Broadband users of the country should feel little better as out of 133 countries, in terms of broadband speed our country ranks 76th.

According to Ookla, mobile data speed of India in the last month was 8.83 Mbps but it has come down to 8.80 Mbps right now. You would be ashamed if you know the speed of the fastest country in terms of mobile data.

It is Norway that holds the first position with mobile data speed of 62.66 Mbps. With a speed of 53.01 Mbps, Netherlands comes second while Iceland stands 3rd with speed of 52.78 Mbps. It is embarrassing if you compare neighboring countries like China to India. China is occupying the 31st position with speed of 31.22 Mbps.

 10 countries with highest mobile data speed:

Even Pakistan is ahead of us in mobile data speed. They are at 89th position with 13.08 Mbps mobile data speed. Nepal is on 99th position as they have 10.97 Mbps speed while Sri Lanka is on the 107th position with 9.32 Mbps speed.

If you take a look at the countries with top internet speed, Singapore comes fourth with 51.50 Mbps speed while Malta, Australia and Hungary comes 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. Countries like South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Denmark are not far behind too.

 10 countries with the lowest speed:

Denmark is 10th on this list with 43.31 Mbps speed. If we look at the counties with lowest mobile data speed Iran comes 122th with 3.12 Mbps speed.

In terms of broadband speed, Singapore is the fastest with a speed of 153.85 Mbps while Iceland with a speed of 147.51 Mbps comes second. Hong Kong with 133.94 Mbps is 3rd on this list.

10 countries with highest broadband speed:

Countries like China get 23rd rank with speed of 61.24 Mbps speed, Pakistan has got 126th rank with 6.13 Mbps speed, Nepal has got 92nd position with 14.05 Mbps speed and Bangladesh got the 85th position with 16.14 Mbps speed.

Algeria are the last in this list with a rank of 133. They have broadband speed of 3.76 Mbps. Libya and Venezuela are not better either with 3.84 Mbps and 3.92 Mbps respectively.

list of countries with lowest broadband speed:

It is said that India will improve its internet speed in 2018 and we have to wait to see it.

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