People judge you based on a lot of factors, and your body language is one of them. The way you talk, the way you sit, or the way you behave in public or while alone can reveal a lot about your personality. Today, we are going to share one such way through which you can predict the personality of a person. And the trick that we are talking about is the way you sit. Yes, your sitting position can tell a lot about your personality.

Curious to know what it says about you? Let’s check it out!


People who sit in this position believe in moving on in their lives. They feel that neglecting their problems/issues or the things that cause negativity will make the problems go away. However, this is not the correct way to deal with life. These people often try to throw their burden on others so that they can escape from it.

They make friends very quickly. People love to have such persons around them because there is something magical about their personality. They spread joy and happiness. They are very interesting, easy to gel with, charming, creative, positive, and a bit childish. Most of the times, it happens that they do not think before speaking and get into trouble because of that. And by the time they realize what they said, it is too late.


People who sit in this position are considered to be very creative. They are dreamers with a very vivid imagination. They are full of positivity and always motivate the people around them to do something productive and innovative. They are full of new and creative ideas.

They love to travel and explore the world. They do not prefer wasting time on relationships, and thus, prefer being single rather than being in a complicated relationship. They make new friends very easily.


People who sit in this position crave for comfort. They love their personal space and enjoy their own company. They want everything around them to be perfect, and they are ready to do whatever it takes. Even before buying a simple thing, they think a lot about it and then only buy it. They are very choosy and picky about their stuff. Even though they crave for perfection, they know how to adjust themselves in a messy environment or deal with a messy situation.

They have a wandering mind, and this is why they face a tough time in concentrating or focusing on something. They are not great when it comes to studies. They do not pay much attention to what others are saying, and this is why they are often considered as arrogant.


People who sit in this position are very particular about punctuality and do not like to be late at any event. They do not even like people who are late. They are not comfortable expressing their views and emotions in public. And since they do not express their views, they are often considered to be rude. They do not like to quarrel with people, but at times, can be harsh to them. They face problems socializing with people and are always cautious of their enemies, They consider criticism as a personal attack and tendto start defending themselves when they encounter criticism.


People who sit in this position believe that everything comes to a person at the right time, and this is why they are never in a hurry to do anything. In addition, they are very stubborn. If they set their heart on something, they do not give up till the end. They are very concerned about their looks and put in a lot of effort to look good always. Some take this very positively, but a few others consider this to be a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence. These people cannot take criticism and face a hard time accepting it.

So, the next time you are around people and want to know more about their character, check out their sitting position. (wink, wink!)

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